Learn How Cisco’s TelePresence Was Used in This K-12 School District to Reduce Costs & Engage Students

Curious to know how TelePresence can make a positive impact in your school? Join us on Wednesday, September 29, as AVI-SPL and Cisco hosts an informative seminar on these topics – one that’s geared specifically towards the special needs of K-12 educators like you.  Don’t miss out, as the seminar starts at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect:

Located in rural Southeast Oklahoma, the Howe Public Schools District serves approximately 480 pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 students. Challenged by federal mandates to offer more content, Howe lacked the financial resources to hire the number of teachers needed to comply. Today, Howe is partnering with four different schools to deliver courses, adding video to online classrooms, podcasting class sessions and improving professional development for faculty.

Join Dr. Lance Ford and Superintendent Scott Parks to learn how they are using Cisco TelePresence to:

  • Maximize faculty resources through distance learning
  • Provide access to experts and content not available otherwise
  • Unite multi-cultural student groups for collaboration and learning
  • Expand professional development programs
  • Provide on-demand access to content and lectures anytime, anywhere
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies for administration tasks

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