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NEC’s New Large Venue Projector

NEC logoNEC Display Solutions announces their latest in the NP Installation Series projectors – the NP4100. With the ability to create screen sizes from 40 to 500 inches (at projection distances between 2.6 and 283 feet), the NP4100 projector is perfect for auditoriums, training and network centers where there are high levels of ambient light. Audiences can enjoy larger and easier to view images due to its high level of brightness at 6200 ANSI lumens.

NEC NP4100

The NP4100 also combines advanced features and innovative technologies, created to extend the life of the projector for increased use at the same rigorous level. ECO Mode™ technology increases lamp life by up to 25% and decreases fan noise. Quick Power Off technology protects the lamp during cool down with temperature monitoring, preventing the projector from powering on until the lamp is properly cooled. In addition, a sealed dust-resistant optical system was specifically designed to decrease the long-term effects unwanted particles can have on a projector. This enables the NP4100 to deliver crisp, distortion-free images throughout its lifecycle, even while enduring the rigors of 24/7 applications. The projector will be shipping this month.

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AVI-SPL and SMART™ Partner to Improve Education

SMART logo

From K-12 to higher ed environments, AVI-SPL is geared towards helping students and educators deliver their best efforts! In partnership with AVI-SPL, you too can effectively create an interactive environment that is geared towards improving test scores and increasing motivation!

A terrific example of how technology promotes improvements in the classroom is witnessed through Sarah Banks Middle School. AVI-SPL’s Walled Lake, Mich. office recently equipped Sarah Banks with a number of innovative learning tools from SMART, including interactive whiteboards, response systems, Airliner™ wireless slates and more. “AVI-SPL has been terrific in working with our school, and some wonderful things are happening in our classrooms,” said Principal Mark Hess. “Our teachers and students enjoy using SMART products tremendously.”

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AVI-SPL Offers Projector Lamp Recycling

Alert! It has come to our attention that there is a computer virus named Green AV (“Green AntiVirus”) circulating on the internet. AVI-SPL in not affiliated with or affected by the Green AV hoax. All references to Green AV on any of AVI-SPL’s websites is relevant to the Green Audio Visual industry.

Recycling TreeAVI-SPL is pleased to offer projector lamp recycling at no cost to you – you pay only the shipping costs to ship the lamp to our recycling center. While many companies offer a recycling service, they often charge for the recycling. With our program, AVI-SPL pays the recycling cost – and keeps our carbon footprint small by having you ship directly to our recycling center. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive to be environmentally responsible.

Did you know?

  • Most projection lamps contain mercury, which is toxic and can leak into the ground water if placed into a landfill
  • Shipping a projection lamp to our centralized recycling facility via standard mail is only about $3 per lamp

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USA Today: Videoconferencing Helps Companies Cut Travel Costs

Alert! It has come to our attention that there is a computer virus named Green AV (“Green AntiVirus”) circulating on the internet. AVI-SPL in not affiliated with or affected by the Green AV hoax. All references to Green AV on any of AVI-SPL’s websites is relevant to the Green Audio Visual industry.

In his article, “Videoconferencing helps companies cut travel costs,” USA Today reporter Roger Yu profiles the cost savings being brought to law firm Lathrop & Gage. With 11 offices and 300 attorneys, Chief Information Officer Ben Weinberger estimates that he’ll only need to travel once this year to each office, versus the typical 25 times a year. He’s now relying on the six dedicated videoconference rooms set up in the main headquarters, with HD cameras, monitors and software provided by Polycom.

Substantial industry growth:

In 2008, the global videoconferencing market grew 24% to $2.4 billion, according to Roopam Jain, a technology analyst at Frost & Sullivan. The firm forecasts the market will more than double, to reach $5.7 billion by 2013.

Commentary by unified collaboration leaders TANDBERG and Polycom:

Recent tech breakthroughs have helped to loosen business customers’ purse strings, says Rick Snyder, president of TANDBERG ‘s Americas operation. Internet bandwidth is more plentiful and affordable. HD cameras can cost less than $200. More sophisticated chips can compress HD images with crisper resolution. Some vendors can help clients better manage internal computer networks so that video gets priority. “The movement to HD has raised the bar,” Snyder says.

With costs falling, smaller businesses are being courted with systems that cost less than $10,000. Polycom and TANDBERG have introduced products featuring 32- to 52-inch monitors and HD cameras that can be installed in boardrooms or on PCs.

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Sanyo Extends Projector Warranties for Education Buyers

Effective July 1st, 2009 SANYO Presentation Technologies will offer a 4th Year Warranty with a 1 year warranty on the lamp on select models.

Models covered:

PLC-XW200, PLC-XW250, PLC-XU300, PLC-XU305, PLC-XU350, PLC-XU355, PLC-WXU700, PLC-WXU300, PLC-WXE45, PLC-WXL46, PDG-DXL100, PDG-DWL100, PLC-XC50, PLC-XC55

The 4th year warranty is available only to qualified schools and educational institutions who have purchased projectors from an authorized Sanyo Education Dealer. If you purchased one of the models above from AVI-SPL please register each unit by serial number within 90 days of purchase to be eligible for the 4th year warranty offer.

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