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AMX’s New Partnerships Provide Building Energy Consumption Savings and more.

AMX logoAMX’s partnership with FieldServer Technologies and DENT Instruments will offer an integrated building management control system for building automation, AV devices, and indoor environmental quality from a single interface. This allows all systems to follow a base set of rules for reduced energy consumption to lower carbon footprints and contribute to LEED points.

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SANYO’s All-in-One Projector Mounts Provide the Full Power of Audio

Sanyo logoTargeted for the educational market, SANYO’s new MT-EDU 101 and MT-EDU 102 projector mounts offer an all-in-one package for teachers on a budget. They deliver the impact of 50-watt two-channel amplifiers and two powerful 25-watt rated two-way speakers for high-performance capabilities. This effectively eliminates the need to use a typical projector’s internal speakers or a separate audio system in order to gain the same effect.

The high-efficiency ported speakers, which use 5” woofers and directional tweeters, are tuned to provide optimal sound coverage in large rooms, including a standard 32’ x 32’ classroom. Designed to avoid overwhelming listeners in the front rows with excessive sound levels, the system provides excellent intelligibility throughout the room without distortion and microphone feedback.

Multiple external audio sources, including wired and wireless microphones, are easily accommodated without complicated wiring arrangements. A line level microphone jack, two sets of stereo RCA inputs and a mini stereo jack are located on the side of the mount chassis, and each input has an individual gain preset control.

MT-EDU101 Mount

For short throws, the MT-EDU101 extends 7 to 27 inches from the wall, and for longer throw distances, the otherwise identical MT-EDU102 adds an extension pole to place the projector 37 to 67 inches from the wall. These can be mounted either to single or dual studs on 16”, 18”, or 24” spacing, and can also be mounted to concrete.

A universal projector mounting mechanism allows the mount to be used with any short-throw projector, including the SANYO PDG-DWL100, PDG-DXL100, and PLC-WXL46 projectors. It provides a pitch adjustment of ±16.5º, a 7.5º roll adjustment, and a 41º yaw trim. Total weight capacity for the mounts is 50 lbs.

An integral cable routing system allows concealed management of signal and power cables, which pass from the projector through the arm and into the wall mount. Security for mounting of additional AV equipment such as PC, Mac or control modules is available by using additional security hardware that fastens to the wall mount.

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SMART Boards Prove Effective for Academy at the Farm’s Inclusive Curriculum

“We thought the teachers would really love it. Well, the problem is that they did!” — Ray Polk, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Academy at the Farm

Based in Dade City, Fla., Academy at the Farm is a unique K-8 charter school that serves nearly 400 students a year. Today, this A-rated school features SMART’s 680i interactive white boards and Elmo document cameras in nearly every classroom. “This technology has helped increased our kids’ enthusiasm, as well as that of our teachers,” says Director Mike Rom.

A Dramatic Difference
The SMART Notebook software has proven invaluable to the Academy teachers, from watching eager kindergartners perfect their penmanship to using the innovative programs to increase algebra skills among eighth graders. The school has also improved overall communications, using the SMART Boards to stream morning and afternoon announcements, and even have their students conduct live chats with Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite.

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Meet the Control Room Group

By David Jones, Sales Manager Control Room Group

The Control Room Group (AKA the CRG) is a business unit of AVI-SPL. Created in 2002 by current CRG Vice President Sean LaNeve, the CRG works exclusively in the mission critical control room market space.

We design, integrate, install and support full spectrum command and control facilities. Our client list includes the United States Military, the Florida Department of Transportation, Bank of America and Nevada Power.

US Central Command

As we say at the CRG, there is no “one size fits all” control room design. We specialize in customized solutions for our clients. This requires strategic partnerships with the manufacturers of products used in the modern control room, including video cube technology, flat panel displays, human machine interface (HMI) systems and video processing technology.

The CRG is composed of teams that focus solely on one of four vertical markets:

  • Government
  • Utilities & Process Control
  • Transportation
  • Corporate (Network and Security Operations Centers)

The CRG teams are experts in their markets. They speak the language of the control room and understand the nuances of control center operations. But most importantly, they are familiar with the system designs that best address the day-to-day issues and opportunities that arise in each vertical market.

Our Utilities & Process Control team alone has more than 60 years of direct experience in the electric utility industry. The team has successfully completed more than 35 control room projects that range from small cooperatives to the largest Investor Owned Utilities in North America. All of our vertical teams have similar success and service records. It is our industry-specific structure and focus that makes the CRG a unique and valued strategic partner to our clients.

Meet David Jones My intent is to keep this blog as current and informative as possible. Our industry expertise enables us to provide you with statistical and anecdotal information about all aspects of the mission critical control room market.

Please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback – questions, comments or critiques. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

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AVI-SPL’s NYC Hall Situation Room Featured on CBS Evening News

In coverage of the recent bomb threat to New York City, anchor Katie Couric interviews Mayor Bloomberg in the high-tech Situation Room. AVI-SPL’s critical control room solution highlights advanced videoconferencing technology, an innovative 1 x 2 video wall, 46″ LCD displays and highly-secure communications for rapid decision making.

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