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FR12 Remote Light Source Projector – The Quiet – Hassle Free Install-Grade Projector

The FR12 by Projectiondesign received the Systems Contractor News (SCN) / InfoComm 2010 Installation Product Award for Most Innovative Install-Grade Projector

FR12 Remote Light Source Projector
The FR12’s revolutionary design relocates the lamps, thermal management and maintenance away from the projector head; to a rack-mount unit up to 30 meters (100 ft) away. Designed for applications where access to the projector is restricted or impossible, or where complete silence is required. Light from the RLS illuminates the projector head via a patented Liquid Light Guide. The result is a virtually maintenance-free projector with near silent operation, and easy to install capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Choice of WUXGA (1920 x 1200), 1080p (1920 x 1080), or SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution DLP® technology
  • A wide range of different configuration options
  • RealColor colour management suite
  • Wide range of lenses
  • Ultra small 3.5 kg magnesium chassis

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Looking to Streamline Your Video Communications?

LG has arrived on the videoconferencing scene, with support from LifeSize, a division of Logitech. LG’s executive conferencing system, powered by LifeSize, equips customers with a sleek video communications system and a versatile range of high-quality options. This includes a streamlined approach to HD video and voice communications and increased interoperability, all housed within a 24-inch LCD display.

Product highlights

The executive conferencing system has been designed to allow easy deployment, takes a few minutes to set up and only requires the connection of two cables.

It’s fully integrated with HD video and wideband audio, and features:

  • Point-to-Point calls at 720p30 HD resolution
  • An integrated 720p camera, microphone array and speakers
  • Built-in loudspeakers with Echo Cancellation
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for automatic control of the screen size based on the users’ network

Users will also benefit from an intuitive LifeSize graphical interface, allowing them to easily switch between HD videoconferencing and PC monitor functionality. The on-screen dashboard navigation includes options for shifting between calls, directories, settings and the main menu.


Broad interoperability with video communications systems and IP/PBX installations drives connections with vendors such as Alcatel-Lucent, Asterisk, Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Microsoft and Shoretel. This readily enables executives, remote office employees and teleworkers to connect face to face with anyone, anywhere.

The executive conferencing system will be available to order later this summer, with shipments ready in the fall.

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Crestron QuickPacks™ Offer Low Cost, All-in-One Presentation Solution

Crestron QuickPacks™ are complete classroom presentation systems that are simple to install and easy to use. QuickPacks come with all you need to get a presentation system in any classroom up and running; no programming or training required.

Crestron QuickPacks Crestron QuickPacks feature basic system control with AV switching, audio amplifier, speakers, wall plates, mounting hardware and cables. Simply add your choice of video projector, screen and AV sources; the software wizard guides you through setup in just minutes. With simple, labeled button presses, instructors can power on the projector, choose the video or computer source and adjust the volume.

RoomView Connected™ projectors make setup even easier, with Crestron plug-and-play support built right in. RoomView Connected projectors are interchangeable without any programming or re-wiring. Just plug-in and walk away.

Network communication between QuickPacks and Crestron RoomView® software is safe and secure. With RoomView, teachers can request live AV help desk support, and AV managers can remotely troubleshoot and take control of projectors and other classroom devices.

Crestron QuickPacks

Key Features:

  • Complete AV control system with audio amplification – just add sources and projector
  • Affordable, reliable and easy to use
  • Simple to install – no programming
  • Network connectivity for real-time remote help desk tech support
  • Broadcast messaging for daily announcements or emergencies
  • Automatic projector shut-off to extend lamp life and save power
  • An upgrade path to larger systems

Available Crestron QuickPacks

  • QP-200 Classroom AV System Package with 2 Source Inputs
    – Provides connectivity for a laptop and a video source, such as a DVD player.
  • QP-300 Classroom AV System Package with 3 Source Inputs
    – Provides connectivity for two computer sources, such as room PC and laptop, and a video source.
  • QP-400 Classroom AV System Package with 4 Source Inputs
    – Provides connectivity for two computer sources, such as room PC and laptop, and two video sources, such as a DVD player and document camera.

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Prysm’s LPD Technology Shakes Up Display Market

From plasma technology to LCDs, OLEDs and DLPs, display technology is constantly evolving to showcase bigger and better options. Striving towards further progress, Prysm has introduced a groundbreaking new display solution, powered by the manufacturer’s proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology. The announcement was made last week during InfoComm.

A 25″ diagonal (4:3) tile serves as the cornerstone of this innovative advancement. With nearly 180 degrees worth of viewing angles in both horizontal and vertical positions, LPD’s are geared to:

• Increase audience impact with scalable, high resolution images
• Provide greater visibility for content delivery and messaging
• Deliver scability, multiview and touchscreen capabilities
• Consume up to 75% less power than other display technologies on the market

Commercial customers with digital signage needs — including retail stores, stadiums and arenas, and hospitality venues — could stand to receive the greatest benefits, with the promise of brilliant picture quality and longer lasting technology.

With this in mind, do any of these factors raise your interest in LPD technology? What issues have the greatest effect when it comes to your buying decision?

Want to catch a glimpse of LPD in action? Click here for a video overview of this technology, as featured on Gary Kayye’s rAVe site.

VGo Teleconferencing Robot Steals the Show at InfoComm

Our AVI-SPL booth was a hot destination last week at InfoComm. Tons of people stopped by to learn more about our products and services, but some got a little sidetracked on the way to our booth.

The VGo teleconferencing robot steals the show at InfoComm 2010

We blame VGo.

VGo is a four-foot tall teleconferencing breakthrough on wheels. We featured the robot at our booth and it simply stole the show.

The VGo offers two-way video and audio. The user can also control the robot’s movements remotely. Imagine not only being able to see and communicate with others in a teleconference, but also freely moving about the room. With VGo, it’s like you’re actually there.

We expect VGo will revolutionize teleconferencing for small and large business, as well as health care. Just picture a doctor checking on patients remotely, or a manager walking the factory line from the airport.

With VGo, you can truly be two places at once.

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