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AVI-SPL’s NYC Hall Situation Room Featured on CBS Evening News

In coverage of the recent bomb threat to New York City, anchor Katie Couric interviews Mayor Bloomberg in the high-tech Situation Room. AVI-SPL’s critical control room solution highlights advanced videoconferencing technology, an innovative 1 x 2 video wall, 46″ LCD displays and highly-secure communications for rapid decision making.

From more details on the Situation Room’s technology, including the Crestron programming and IP-based systems, click here.

Launching HD Projection, Advanced Surround Sound at Ringling

Located in Sarasota, Fla., Ringling College of Art and Design is recognized as one of the country’s most innovative institutes for visual arts and technology. In the development of their first fully LEED Silver-certified academic building, school administrators sought state-of-the-art systems to lead their next generation of graphic artists.

A strong emphasis would be placed on the use of high-definition (HD) audiovisual systems in conjunction with digital signals. In the video below, Ringling’s assistant VP/director of facilities, Jeff Poleshek, and AVI-SPL’s sales engineer, Jamie Knoop, take us on a tour of the latest advancements in HD projection, digital surround, control panel technology and more.

Click here to learn more about this project.

View Digital Signage, Advanced Projection Systems at USF’s Marshall Student Center

AVI-SPL recently completed an exciting new installation for the University of South Florida’s revamped student union. Today, the four-story Marshall Student Center stands as an innovative foundation for presentation technologies, including digital signage applications, enhanced speaker systems and the latest in projection and control system advancements.

In the video below, USF’s Assistant Director of Operations, Jennifer Hernandez, takes us on a tour of several installation areas, including their 1,100-seat ballroom, meeting rooms, 700-seat auditorium and senate chambers.

“The changes implemented have provided that ‘wow’ factor, which is what students expect in a facility of this nature,” says Hernandez. “Everything is easy to use, with cutting-edge technology available at the simple touch of a button.”

In developing this project, AVI-SPL received a great amount of collaborative support from Beck construction, TLC Design and Multimedia LED. To learn more about this case study, please click here.

Plenum HDMI: You Asked For it. Comprehensive Delivered.

Comprehensive recently announced the latest edition to its collection: plenum-rated HDMI cables. Plenum cables are more fire-resistant and, in the unlikely event of a fire, produce less smoke than traditional cables.


Comprehensive’s HR Pro Series Plenum HDMI cables are specifically designed for heavy duty applications and long distance installations. Unlike standard HDMI cables that can only transmit 1080p up to 15 feet, these HR Pro Plenum HDMI cables can transmit resolutions of up to 1080p 50 feet or more, and in most cases without the need for an extender or repeater.

Triple shielding provides maximum interference rejection and 24k gold connectors ensure superior connectivity. A CL2P plenum rating makes this the perfect cable for commercial and residential installations.

Comprehensive’s Lifetime Warranty guarantees worry-free HDTV performance.

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