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SMART Table Means Multitouch, Multiuser Interactive Learning Center

The SMART Table is the first multitouch, multiuser interactive learning center that allows groups of primary school students to work simultaneously on its surface. The SMART Table is designed to meet students’ needs for creativity, fun and learning in the classroom. Students can gather together in small groups to explore digital lessons, play educational games and complete interactive learning activities designed to encourage student discussion and help students develop consensus building skills.

SMART Technologies designed the SMART Table to be highly durable in order to meet the needs of primary school learners. Because the Table’s durable surface is scratch proof and water resistant, children can safely lean, bump and jostle the Table as they work. Teachers can relax and let young students get carried away with their enthusiasm for the Table – and for collaborative learning.

The Table’s interface is simple and intuitive, and inspired by SMART’s expertise in classroom interactive technology. Students can begin exploring activities in seconds and are provided with visual and auditory feedback in order to prompt discussions, build consensus and reward small groups for their collaboration. Students are strongly encouraged to communicate and interact with each other while participating in interactive lesson activities or educational games. The Table is designed to support the collaborative learning approach to education.

Teachers can create new and unique collaborative learning activities with minimal preparation time. The Table’s software content can be customized with the SMART Table Toolkit, which is included with each SMART Table. Teachers can easily customize lesson activity content by accessing the Gallery in SMART Notebook, which contains more than 6,600 learning objects.

SMART tableUsing the SMART Table, multiple learners can simultaneously match answers with questions, share and manipulate pictures and videos, work together to solve math questions and draw simultaneously over a drawing canvas.

The possibilities for fun and teamwork are limitless on the Table – from sliding a picture across the Table’s surface, to following a trail of clues or mapping the human body.

If you would like to see how the SMART Table can help you enhance learning in your classroom or media center, we invite you to contact your AVI-SPL sales representative to schedule a demonstration.

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AVI-SPL Designated as TANDBERG T3 Certified Partner

AVI-SPL has joined a select list in being credited as a TANDBERG Telepresence T3 Install and Maintenance Certified Partner in the Americas. With this designation, AVI-SPL can now offer installation and maintenance support for the award-winning TANDBERG Telepresence T3 system. This exclusive solution delivers an easy-to-use and natural forum for conference participants to meet, no matter their location.

“Our goal is to be the definitive leader in the video services industry,” said Mike Brandofino, EVP of Video and Unified Communications, AVI-SPL. “With each new certification, we continue to differentiate ourselves from the smaller players in the space who do not have the depth and the financial resources to invest in staying on top of the latest technologies.”

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NEC’s New Large Venue Projector

NEC logoNEC Display Solutions announces their latest in the NP Installation Series projectors – the NP4100. With the ability to create screen sizes from 40 to 500 inches (at projection distances between 2.6 and 283 feet), the NP4100 projector is perfect for auditoriums, training and network centers where there are high levels of ambient light. Audiences can enjoy larger and easier to view images due to its high level of brightness at 6200 ANSI lumens.

NEC NP4100

The NP4100 also combines advanced features and innovative technologies, created to extend the life of the projector for increased use at the same rigorous level. ECO Mode™ technology increases lamp life by up to 25% and decreases fan noise. Quick Power Off technology protects the lamp during cool down with temperature monitoring, preventing the projector from powering on until the lamp is properly cooled. In addition, a sealed dust-resistant optical system was specifically designed to decrease the long-term effects unwanted particles can have on a projector. This enables the NP4100 to deliver crisp, distortion-free images throughout its lifecycle, even while enduring the rigors of 24/7 applications. The projector will be shipping this month.

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AVI-SPL and SMART™ Partner to Improve Education

SMART logo

From K-12 to higher ed environments, AVI-SPL is geared towards helping students and educators deliver their best efforts! In partnership with AVI-SPL, you too can effectively create an interactive environment that is geared towards improving test scores and increasing motivation!

A terrific example of how technology promotes improvements in the classroom is witnessed through Sarah Banks Middle School. AVI-SPL’s Walled Lake, Mich. office recently equipped Sarah Banks with a number of innovative learning tools from SMART, including interactive whiteboards, response systems, Airliner™ wireless slates and more. “AVI-SPL has been terrific in working with our school, and some wonderful things are happening in our classrooms,” said Principal Mark Hess. “Our teachers and students enjoy using SMART products tremendously.”

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AVI-SPL Offers Projector Lamp Recycling

Alert! It has come to our attention that there is a computer virus named Green AV (“Green AntiVirus”) circulating on the internet. AVI-SPL in not affiliated with or affected by the Green AV hoax. All references to Green AV on any of AVI-SPL’s websites is relevant to the Green Audio Visual industry.

Recycling TreeAVI-SPL is pleased to offer projector lamp recycling at no cost to you – you pay only the shipping costs to ship the lamp to our recycling center. While many companies offer a recycling service, they often charge for the recycling. With our program, AVI-SPL pays the recycling cost – and keeps our carbon footprint small by having you ship directly to our recycling center. It’s quick, easy and inexpensive to be environmentally responsible.

Did you know?

  • Most projection lamps contain mercury, which is toxic and can leak into the ground water if placed into a landfill
  • Shipping a projection lamp to our centralized recycling facility via standard mail is only about $3 per lamp

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