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New SMART Slate™ Now Available for Mac Users

SMART Technologies announced that the SMART Slate™ WS200 wireless slate is now supports the Mac platform. SMART Slate™ enables teachers and students to interact with digital lessons projected on a screen, interactive whiteboard, interactive display or interactive pen display from anywhere in the classroom. SMART Slate™ WS200 was developed with extensive user feedback, resulting in the addition of several features, such as improved ergonomics and support for additional languages. The WS200 replaces the WS100 (formerly AirLiner™ WS100 wireless slate).

SMART Slate WS200

The SMART Slate™ can be used with or without a SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard, but on its own it functions easily with a computer and projector. To further enhance whole-class and small-group instruction, it works seamlessly with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Wireless Bluetooth® enables teachers and students to control on-screen learning applications, write and draw in digital ink, or open and view files. Ergonomic improvements have made the SMART Slate™ smaller, lighter and easier to hold.

The addition of a third programmable button enables customization, and the eraser function on the battery-free, tethered pen makes annotating with digital ink even more intuitive than it was on the WS100. The SMART Slate™ integrates seamlessly with a broad range of SMART products including the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, the SMART Slate™ also integrates with the SMART Podium™ interactive pen display.

If your school uses either PCs, Mac computers or both, now is the perfect time to add the SMART Slate™ to your classroom.

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Discover the Power of DLP Technology 3D-Ready Projectors

Mitsubishi XD600U Projector

3D-ready projectors powered by DLP Technology from Texas Instruments are here. Nothing captures the attention of students like 3D. With a 3D curriculum, you can create a completely immersive environment in which your students can learn more and retain that information for higher test scores.

With compelling 3D content for Biology, Geography, Science, History, Math and more, you’ll bring your curriculum to new levels of “Wow”. 3D-ready projectors operate in standard 2D and 3D modes automatically and are virtually the same price as a standard projector.

DLP technology uses millions of microscopic, digital mirrors that reflect light to create a stunning picture for the best projectors on the market. This imaging technology is so fast, it can actually produce TWO images on the screen at the same time: One for the “left” eye and one for the “right” eye. Then, 3D glasses combine the two images to create an amazing 3D effect. A pair of 3D glasses is needed for each student, as well as 3D visual content.

If you have ever seen a recent 3D movie in the movie theater, chances are the 3D effect was generated by a DLP Cinema projector. That same, basic technology has now been applied to the typical, affordable classroom projector. When you purchase a DLP 3D-ready projector, your classroom will be ready to add 3D content to the learning experience.

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Create a Student Based Enterprise with the VariQuest Suite of Products

The Awards Maker can be utilized for more than the Awards Ceremonies. Here are some ideas on how to utilize it year round! Use it to fundraise, create incentives, highlight specific programs, or educate.

The VariQuest Suite of products is perfect for developing a student based enterprise. This gives students real world work experience and responsibility for running the business. It can even help them fulfill academic, work based learning standards with exposure to marketing, operations, production, finance and sales disciplines. The Poster Maker, Awards Maker and Cutout Maker’s output can easily be sold no only to teachers but to other students and members of the community. Here are some ideas!

Back to School Night: Sell posters, banners and cutouts to teachers and administrators to decorate the hallways and classrooms with curriculum based materials.

Science Fair: Students can order cutouts to help decorate their science fair boards. Teachers can order plaques for the winners of the fair.

Sporting Events: Create posters and banners for pep rally events and advertise the upcoming games. Students can also sell posters depicting a picture of the sporting team with the team’s schedule. Local businesses can purchase stickers to post on water bottles with coupons to their businesses. Cutouts can be sold as ways to get the crowd excited!

School Dances: Sell posters of student photos taken at the dance. Sell cutouts to decorate the dances with. Student committees can purchase posters to advertise the events with.

Community Events: Members of the community can order posters to promote events, nametag stickers, and bumper stickers for events

Class Spirit and Club Events: Grade levels can purchase car decals and bumper stickers with their graduation year. Clubs can sell bumper stickers to members or as fundraisers.

Do you have a fundraiser idea using Varitronics products? Let us know and we can feature your idea on our blog or quarterly newsletter! Email Victoria Cobb at with your ideas.

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