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NEC’s TCO Certification Means Environmental, Economical Projector Options

NECNEC Display Solution’s NP215 and NP410 are the first projectors worldwide to be awarded the new TCO Certified label for quality and environment.

In order to receive TCO certification, a projector needs to:

  • Satisfy strict criteria regarding acoustics, energy consumption and the materials used in the product and its packaging.
  • Feature an Eco mode in which the device can be operated with lower energy consumption and less noise. When the video or computer interface is disconnected, the projector has to enter standby mode automatically.

NEC NP410In addition the meeting the above, the NP215 and NP410 offer a Carbon Savings Meter tool to calculate and total the CO2 savings that are achieved when the device is being operated in Eco mode.

With this in mind, are you leaning more towards a “green” approach in your projector selection? If not, what factors have you hesitant to make the move?

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Frost & Sullivan Helps You Maximize Your VTC Investment

As the cost-saving reputation of videoconferencing (VTC) technology grows, more organizations are curious to know if they’re receiving the maximum benefit. Noted business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan addresses concerns with a new informational video, especially designed to help you make the most of your videoconferencing investment.

The online resource breaks down the 5 assessment steps you need to take. Be sure to check out the video and ask yourself the following key questions:

  • Are you measuring the current adoption rate within your organization?
  • Have you determined how and when your employees are using VTC technology?
  • Has your organization successfully overcome user resistance?
  • Have you promoted the use of unified collaboration technology through your corporate messaging?
  • What steps have you taken to expand your collaborative technology reach?

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Cisco Needs More Money to Purchase Videoconferencing Leader TANDBERG

TANDBERG ‘s shareholders thought $3 billion was too low of a bid to purchase the videoconferencing technology leader. It was originally reported that Cisco purchased TANDBERG in early October. Some analysts are saying Cisco has funds to increase the offer. Maybe Cisco will just purchase a smaller share? How does this affect Polycom and other TANDBERG competitors?

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Study: Unified Communications Provides 4X the ROI

Looking for proof that advanced Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) technology is a worthy investment for your company? Just turn to the latest report from business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. Sponsored by Verizon and Cisco, “Meetings Around the World II: Charting the Course of Advanced Collaboration,” introduces the industry’s first quantitative model for a return on collaboration investment.

Excerpts from the study:

  • Businesses and government agencies deploying VoIP soft phones, immersive video and fixed mobile convergence received an average return of four times their investment in deploying collaboration technologies in terms of improvement across business-critical areas.
  • The majority of organizations deploying (UC&C) are more successful than their peers compared to those not deploying UC&C (70 percent versus 47 percent).
  • Of organizations deploying UC&C, 40 percent plan to increase spending.
  • More than 80 percent of organizations that have not yet deployed UC&C tools plan to deploy some form in the next two to three years.

Based on this research, are you interested in developing a UC & C integration for your organization? If not, what are the key factors holding you back?

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VariQuest Visual Learning Tools Increase Reading by Seeing

Reading doesn’t just happen inside a book. There are opportunities to practice students’ reading skills everywhere. Create a more print rich environment in your school by utilizing your VariQuest products – the Poster Maker, Awards Maker and Cutout Maker.

Encourage teachers to post banners and posters in the hallway, cafeteria, office and other non-classroom areas. While walking with elementary students to the library or cafeteria, stop at the posters and banners to ask them to read aloud. One of the great opportunities for reading everyday is to post the lunch menu. Select a different student each day to read the menu. The media specialist may want to have students contribute to book reviews each week. Again, this project could become an opportunity to read more – reading the reviews might inspire a student to read the whole book!

Create word walls to keep new vocabulary on the walls to help students learn their meanings. Use your Awards Maker bumper sticker templates to create sticky-backed labels to post to your word wall. Or, use the clear parking permit sticker and take advantage of the unused space on your windows. You can encourage your students to stare at the window! Keep the wandering eye engaged by sticking words and phrases from the lessons on the ceiling too – they’ll be learning something no matter where they look!

The Cutout Maker can make learning grammar enjoyable. With the Total Access Shapes CD, you have access to over 3000 shapes in the Cutout Maker library. Get started with a grammar lesson by cutting out some shaped nouns like a picture of a cat or a beach ball. Then use your fonts and the “connect letters” or “add bar” option to help create your verbs, articles, prepositional phrases, etc. Lay the cutouts on a table and ask the students to create sentences using the cutouts. Make it harder by asking them to identify the different parts of the sentences. Show how to rearrange sentences by utilizing commas. That portion of the lesson can help educate your students on comma splices and prepositional phrases. Learning how to remove prepositional phrases from sentences to check the subject and verb agreement is a skill tested on the SAT, so this is a great activity for high schoolers too.

Practicing reading everywhere gets students in the habit of understanding how important the written word is. Make reading a daily activity with your class and utilize your VariQuest products to help inspire your students to become avid readers!