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Hillsborough County Students Improve Teamwork, Learning with SMART Table

photo by Andy Jones, Tampa TribuneAVI-SPL recently helped Hillsborough County students get their first look at the dynamic features of SMART Technologies latest innovation, the SMART Table. The fourth graders at Lee Elementary Magnet School in Tampa, Fla., are among the first students in the county – and state – to have access to this exciting technology. From math to social studies to art, the SMART Table allows the youngest of learners to take a fun, hands on approach to their activities. Best of all, it helps teachers create new and unique collaborative learning activities with minimal preparation time.

“AVI-SPL’s education market manager, Kristin Kraemer, has been great in helping us get the SMART Table at Lee Elementary and keeping me up-to-date on the latest information,” says Gregory Hart, magnet technology and curriculum specialist for Hillsborough County Public Schools. “The SMART Table is part of our 21st Century Learning Environment project, which involves increasing the amount of interactive technology in the classroom. I find that students learn better when they learn with each other, and that is what the SMART table does best.”

Software content can be customized with the SMART Table Toolkit, which is included with each SMART Table. Teachers can easily customize lesson activity content by accessing the Gallery in SMART Notebook, which contains more than 6,600 learning objects.

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SMART Board with StarrMatica Means No More Boring Lessons!

StarrMatica logoStarrMatica is a collection of virtual manipulatives, instructional animations, practice activities and games which are designed for use with an interactive whiteboard, LCD projector or personal computer. If you have students who need some extra practice, or students that require more of a challenge, StarrMatica’s engaging content can be used at home. With StarrMatica, their progress can easily be tracked by teachers and parents!

With a subscription to StarrMatica, you can search over 2,000 resources by grade, topic and state standard. Whether you need to demonstrate the concept of rounding, differentiate instruction for fractions, or provide an intervention for summarizing, StarrMatica helps you find the right resource for your students.

A subscription to StarrMatica includes:

  • Animated instructional examples with voiceovers, which can be used as a lesson introduction or review.
  • Virtual manipulative that help you visually demonstrate difficult concepts during class instruction.
  • Practice activities and games, which can be used as guided practice problems or as a motivational learning tool for individual students.
  • Assessments that can be used to prepare for a test and to make data based decisions.

StarrMatica helps you get the most out of your interactive whiteboard investment by providing thousands of standards-based interactive resources that make it easy and practical for teachers to use their interactive whiteboards during daily classroom instruction. With optional individual student accounts to measure progress at home, StarrMatica gives you the resources you need to help your students become stars!

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SMART Classroom Suite Accelerates Learning While Saving Money

The SMART Classroom Suite is a interactive learning software suite designed specifically to help teachers and students. For computer-enabled classrooms, SMART Classroom Suite helps accelerate learning, from the creation and delivery of lessons to the engagement and assessment of students. The Suite is designed for use in schools that are pioneering the integration of technology in K-12 learning, which may occur in the classroom, at home or anywhere students may learn.

SMART Classroom Suite is a combination of:

SMART Classroom Suite

  • SMART Notebook – Collaborative learning software that sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons
  • SMART Notebook Student Edition – Authoring and organization software that enables students to complete assignments, take notes, manage due dates and organize digital material
  • SMART Sync – Classroom management software that makes it easy for teachers to guide learning while monitoring and controlling student computers
  • SMART Response CE – Assessment software that lets teachers deliver spontaneous or planned quizzes with dynamic, multimedia content

Together, the four software components help teachers and students get maximum benefit from the other technology products typically available in computer-enabled classrooms, such as laptops and netbooks.

40% Cost Savings

The SMART Classroom Suite gives you the opportunity to benefit from all of these software products at about a 40% cost savings compared with purchasing each product individually.

Trade Up Program

Already purchased a Notebook SE, Sync or Response CE? Through SMART’s “Trade Up” program, you can upgrade to the SMART Classroom Suite and receive a credit equal to the price of the software product that you have already purchased.

Teachers can efficiently manage their classrooms and easily prepare and deliver lessons. They can also instantly assess student understanding anytime during a class. Students can create and organize their own multimedia content, take notes, collaborate with other students and share files with their teachers. The SMART Classroom Suite can help you and your students create, teach, learn and assess!

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SMART Table Means Multitouch, Multiuser Interactive Learning Center

The SMART Table is the first multitouch, multiuser interactive learning center that allows groups of primary school students to work simultaneously on its surface. The SMART Table is designed to meet students’ needs for creativity, fun and learning in the classroom. Students can gather together in small groups to explore digital lessons, play educational games and complete interactive learning activities designed to encourage student discussion and help students develop consensus building skills.

SMART Technologies designed the SMART Table to be highly durable in order to meet the needs of primary school learners. Because the Table’s durable surface is scratch proof and water resistant, children can safely lean, bump and jostle the Table as they work. Teachers can relax and let young students get carried away with their enthusiasm for the Table – and for collaborative learning.

The Table’s interface is simple and intuitive, and inspired by SMART’s expertise in classroom interactive technology. Students can begin exploring activities in seconds and are provided with visual and auditory feedback in order to prompt discussions, build consensus and reward small groups for their collaboration. Students are strongly encouraged to communicate and interact with each other while participating in interactive lesson activities or educational games. The Table is designed to support the collaborative learning approach to education.

Teachers can create new and unique collaborative learning activities with minimal preparation time. The Table’s software content can be customized with the SMART Table Toolkit, which is included with each SMART Table. Teachers can easily customize lesson activity content by accessing the Gallery in SMART Notebook, which contains more than 6,600 learning objects.

SMART tableUsing the SMART Table, multiple learners can simultaneously match answers with questions, share and manipulate pictures and videos, work together to solve math questions and draw simultaneously over a drawing canvas.

The possibilities for fun and teamwork are limitless on the Table – from sliding a picture across the Table’s surface, to following a trail of clues or mapping the human body.

If you would like to see how the SMART Table can help you enhance learning in your classroom or media center, we invite you to contact your AVI-SPL sales representative to schedule a demonstration.

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