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InFocus SplitScreen: Installation Solutions


InFocus SplitScreen provides new options for collaboration and presentation. This advanced side-by-side image processing feature provides new uses and increased functionality previously requiring two display sources now from a single projector. Through InFocus SplitScreen you can display two images on the screen at the same time. They may be two computer inputs, two video inputs, or one of each. The computer inputs may be up to WUXGA (1920×1200), while the video inputs may be 1080p, giving you the ability to project any content needed side by side. Please see the chart below for the input compatibility available with InFocus SplitScreen.

Scenario 1: Video Conferencing / Distance Learning

InFocus SplitScreen can be coupled with a video conferencing solution to deliver a quality telepresence solution. With the ability to display two sources side-by-side, InFocus SplitScreen allows you to take full advantage of both data channels on your video conferencing system. In a distance learning environment where the teacher is virtual, this is a perfect solution. By using this technology, students in the classroom will be able to see the teacher on one side of the screen. With the professor and his content side-by-side on one screen, the experience is similar to being there in person. Having the ability to watch the professor and view his lecture material provides a very natural learning experience.

Similar to distance learning, video conferencing in business is a collaboration tool that is being used more and more. The ability to send an email and then moments later connect and have face-to-face interaction is invaluable. No need to schedule a flight or delay the interaction until your next visit. The flexibility of the InFocus SplitScreen allows you to use the room as you would any other conference room, presenting full screen, and meet as you normally would. When a video conferencing session is needed, SplitScreen can be turned on with the simple touch of a button. Once the InFocus SplitScreen is enabled, you will have dual images displayed. This allows you to see the party you are conferencing with as well as the information being discussed. Since it is a projected image, it will be large, easy to read and visible by everyone in the room.

Scenario 2: Advanced Presenting/Dynamic curriculum

Many educators have now been teaching with InFocus Projectors for years – some of them since the beginning of their careers. In their classrooms they have many sources of information that they draw from to deliver a lesson plan. They may have slides on a laptop, a specimen on a document camera, and some information on a web or intranet site. Many educators have asked for features to take their lesson delivery to the next level. InFocus SplitScreen fulfills this request.

The ability of InFocus’ SplitScreen technology to display two images side by side allows educators to expand their normal delivery. It allows them to use their document camera to show a specimen or example on one side of the screen, while delivery key points and information on the other side of the screen. InFocus’ SplitScreen allows them to show the specimen and delivery the lesson plan at the same time. Providing the educator the tools to deliver the total message to the students all at once, not having to go through the lesson plan and then discussing the example.

SMART Technologies™ Has Changed the Senteo to SMART Response

SMART Response (formerly called Senteo) is an interactive response system combining handheld wireless remotes (or clickers), a receiver and powerful assessment software that allows you to create tests and manage, track, and evaluate the results. SMART Response software guides you through every task with intuitive prompts, clear directions and direct links. You always know what step you’re on and where to go next. Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with SMART Notebook software, giving you all the tools you need to design engaging and interactive test material.

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Mitsubishi Projectors Are Going Green

Alert! It has come to our attention that there is a computer virus named Green AV (“Green AntiVirus”) circulating on the internet. AVI-SPL in not affiliated with or affected by the Green AV hoax. All references to Green AV on any of AVI-SPL’s websites is relevant to the Green Audio Visual industry.

Over the last several years Mitsubishi has been adding eco-friendly features to their projector line-up. By lessening their impact on the environment and conserving natural resources, Mitsubishi is doing its part in being socially responsible. And soon Mitsubishi will be introducing their projector recycling program.

In order to lessen their impact on the environment and conserve natural resources, Mitsubishi
Electric is committed to being socially responsible. Some of their commitment to a greener environment includes:

  • Energy-efficient, long-life lamps
  • Lead free solder on all Printed Circuit Boards
  • Our newest models consume less than 1W on standby mode
  • Use of recycled paper products for user reference guide and carton box
  • Projector cabinets are not painted, and conductive coating is not used
  • User manual has been converted from paper to a digital format (CD)
  • Compliant with both California and European RoHS standards

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On Earth Day, Sony Electronics (SEL) launched its GreenFill recycling service program

Alert! It has come to our attention that there is a computer virus named Green AV (“Green AntiVirus”) circulating on the internet. AVI-SPL in not affiliated with or affected by the Green AV hoax. All references to Green AV on any of AVI-SPL’s websites is relevant to the Green Audio Visual industry.

On Earth Day, Sony Electronics (SEL) launched its GreenFill recycling service program – the nation’s first in-store, drop-box solution sponsored by a consumer electronics manufacturer.

“Sony’s GreenFill program is providing consumers with a convenient, sustainable solution for recycling small electronic products,” said Mike Fasulo, SEL executive vice president, chief marketing officer and corporate social responsibility officer. “We are continuing our commitment to reach our goal of recycling one pound of old consumer electronics equipment for every pound of new products sold.”

Sony’s new Greenfill e-recycle drop boxes provide a convenient way for consumers to recycle small CE products such as cameras at retail.

The program was launched on Earth Day to further encourage consumers to dispose of old or unwanted electronics in an environmentally-safe manner.

GreenFill service simplifies electronics recycling by providing consumers the ability to recycle small electronics – such as cameras, portable music devices, small laptops, cell phones and portable gaming devices – at participating retail locations. It’s a convenient solution that allows consumers to recycle any brand of product at no cost.

The program is an extension of Sony’s Take Back Recycling program and is designed to help build awareness of Sony’s nationwide network of more than 270 drop-off locations where larger Sony-branded electronics will be accepted at no charge and other brands will be accepted for a small fee.

Since last week’s Greenfill launch, 92 retail partners have joined SEL in its goal to make it as easy to recycle small consumer electronics, as it is to purchase them.

Nassim Sarraf, senior specialist, marketing, said many SEL retail partners have jumped on board, because they recognize the program could resonate with consumers.

“Greenfill is a way to show consumers you share the same values … a shared commitment to the environment and a sustainable future,” she said. “At the same time, it’s an opportunity to drive more traffic to their stores and positively impact sales.”

As part of the program, SEL covers the costs of recycling fees and promotional materials, which can be used by dealers for their own promotions. In exchange, the company requires dealers to prominently display the co-branded, e-recycle drop box in store, absorb the costs of shipping the box to Sony-designated recycling locations, promote Sony’s recycling efforts and drop-off locations for larger electronics, and leverage provided materials to educate employees and promote to consumers. All requirements are detailed in a requisite dealer contract.

From Honey Mae Kenworthy, SEL employee communications, and Yolanda Hunt-Boes, SEL dealer communications

Sony also adopted the use of recycled and reused materials in several models of their LCDs, and all are EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive compliant, helping prevent harmful materials, such as lead, from leaching into our ecosystem when improperly disposed while also helping increase recycling and reduce potential chemical exposure from the manufacturing process. And further keeping green in mind, suppliers for products are certified as green partners based on Sony’s stringent standard for chemical substances used in products.

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